Effective risk management is essential for controlling the opportunities and threats of a growing business on the market

Nowadays companies and institutions grow and expand their activity incredibly fast and face a myriad of internal and external threats and business challenges. Businesses and organisations participate in complex, international, constantly changing markets and must have reliable risk management mechanisms and tools that ensure transparency, predictability and effective management. Information and solutions cannot be untimely and reactive. Innovative, systematic, integrated solutions that allow organisations to constantly monitor and evaluate business risks, model and predict the impact of these risks and their potential consequences, are vital.

Risk management systems are particularly important for institutions that ensure the implementation of government functions in the areas of international trade management, national finance management and public safety. We offer customs authorities, public finance management authorities and governmental funds, public safety centres and our other clients integrated risk management solutions that are based on our knowledge of the operating processes of these institutions and the possibilities of modern IT tools.

InnoForce Group enables businesses and government institutions of different size to reliably control risk by employing the integrated GRCM (Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management) solution, developed by the international IT leader SAP.

Benefits of the GRCM tools:

  • Reduces costs and enables compliance, risk and audit programs to deliver faster time to value and higher return on investment ;
  • Reduces risk and compliance violations and minimizes the impact of risk events on business performance;
  • Improves operational efficiency and optimizes business operations on an ongoing basis to minimize risk events;
  • Ensures communication concerning risk and compliance issues between employees on all levels;
  • Reduces the number of redundant and duplicative controls by unifying risk responses at the process and strategic levels;
  • Reduces the number of manual processes and manual controls with automated workflows, automated controls, and automated risk monitoring.


Implemented projects:

The development and implementation of the Spot checks and risk management (SCRM) component of the e-Customs information system. The Customs Control Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan