Integration of automated systems in companies of the energy sector

InnoForce Group has extensive experience in integrating different systems used by companies of the energy sector into a uniform integrated information system. We suggest using specialised software that enables integrating systems based on the principle “system – integration middleware – system”. Due to the fact that all necessary changes can be made using only the integration middleware environment, this model allows managing all integrations and changing their settings from a single point.

Implementing asset management systems using the SAP Plant Maintenance module

 The group employs professionals who have broad experience in implementing asset management systems in companies of the energy sector from different countries. The experience of our certified SAP Plant Maintenance experts, combined with the experience of the SAP corporation that is implemented in the SAP Plant Maintenance module enables efficient asset accounting and management, automating the collection and use of data concerning asset management, repairs, use and depreciation, regular access to the latest data about the company’s total assets and keeping time records for employees of the asset management department. InnoForce Group has the knowledge and experience of interconnecting asset management and financial management and accounting systems – this allows the management of the client company to have permanent access to the most recent data about the company’s position when making crucial business decisions.

Implementing information systems designed for managing complex investment projects using EMC Documentum‘s EFPM product 

The main purpose of EMC Documentum’s EPFM product is to manage complex comprehensive infrastructure investment project information, encompassing everything from design to decommission. EMC Documentum EPFM was developed based on the enormous experience that the EMC Corporation has gathered by implementing information management projects for the world’s major energy companies. The functionality of this product is based on best practise of complex infrastructure investment project management and helps organisations manage large flows of project management-related information, monitor changes of this information, automatically monitor changes made to document content (including plans), coordinate the approval process, manage project plans and supervise project implementation. The tool also easily integrates with asset management and other project management systems.