Developing integrated complex solutions for public finance management

Our experts are experienced in implementing financial management solutions for major government institutions and the funds which are managed by these institutions. They have a good understanding of the overall process of public finance management, but are also able to look into the specifics of financial management and accounting in each institution’s activity.

InnoForce Group develops and implements financial management and accounting solutions by using and applying the standard SAP software for public finance management, integrating and developing new software, combining new software with software already in use at institutions and the new needs of the institution that are related to financial management and accounting.

Developing solutions which involve automating a wide range of business processes in major government institutions

We are reliable partners in automating financial accounting and other related integrated public finance management processes – budget planning and control, state treasury management and accounting processes on state level.

InnoForce Group experts have the competence that is needed to implement solutions which cover the management and accounting of state financial funds, such as the state social insurance funds, the state health insurance funds and customs fees funds.

InnoForce Group has also gathered exclusive knowledge of internal accounting and financial management in state agencies and institutions and information systems are implemented according to national and international accounting standards.

Implementing accounting methodologies while simultaneously developing and implementing software solutions

We have gained unique experience in simultaneously implementing software solutions and applying the Lithuanian Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards by implementing accounting methodologies and information systems that comply with these standards. Our experts also possess excellent knowledge of international accounting standards (both business and public sector) and take part in projects and initiatives aimed at improving and changing standards and accounting methodologies.

The facts that our experts have worked on the Lithuanian Treasury Information System development project and that the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan has chosen them to implement the Treasury Management Information System testify their knowledge of sophisticated methodologies and financial tool automation.

We have implemented financial management and accounting solutions for these clients:

  • The National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • The Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazkahstan;

Implemented projects: 

The maintenance and support of the Customs Finance Resources and their Accounting and Control System (FAS) of the Customs of the Republic of Lithuania;

Completing the installation of and providing maintenance and support services for the National Health Insurance Fund‘s (NHIF) Financial Management and Accounting Information System and providing development, maintenance and support services for the Register of People Insured by Compulsory Health Insurance;

The development and maintenance of the Public Debt and Financial Resources Management Subsystem (PDFRMS);

Developing the Treasury-client information system aimed at electronic document exchange between government agencies, budget programs’ administrative units and authorized government institutions.